sar·to·ri·al /särˈtôrēəl/ adjective : of or relating to tailoring, clothes, or style of dress. "sartorial elegance"

Faux Fur with More than Denim








Sarah from More than Denim and I have teamed up to share our take on how we wear our faux furs. I recently found this great vest while Sarah is wearing this amazing faux fur snood that she found over at Nordstrom. And I just learned what a snood was last week…explained to me by none other than Sarah herself. Before you start thinking I’m referring to myself in the third person, I am not.

We are two girls named Sarah. We are both pharmacists. And we both are bloggers. Here’s the difference: Sarah from More than Denim is (slightly) more blonde, (slightly) taller, and can beat me blind-folded in a bake off. Oh wait and she’s Canadian, which makes her by nature a very peaceful person. Sometimes I like to hang out with her just to feed off her zen. If you love baking, cooking, home decor, and effortless, wearable, yet chic style ideas then head over to Sarah’s blog, More than Denim to be awed and inspired. Did I mention she’s also the sweetest friend ever?? And clearly stunning. Yes, she’s basically perfect. But too sweet to hate. I hate girls like that. Hope you enjoy our post!!!

SIDE NOTE: FUR IS MUR-DERRRRRRR!!!! In all honesty, I don’t understand why you would have any desire to kill a beautiful animal, skin it, gut it, and then wear it like a trophy. My mother, for some god forsaken reason, had a real fox wrap and my brother knew that it scared the hell out of me. During one traumatic summer of my childhood, we were left alone in what became a house of horrors for 9 hours a day and he would throw the fox on me from across the room to make me scream on a daily basis. (Leaving children home unattended and without activities in summer months turns them into savages, parents.) So come on, say no to real fur. There are so many better things to spend your money on. Like shoes made out of real cow.

Sartorially, Sarah

You’re all in my light.fur7

Separated because it’s safer for the blonde.fur8

Just kidding. We love each other.fauxjoint-

Photos by Ashley Brooks

Faux Fur Vest: No longer available but try these options: here ($), here ($$), and here ($$)
Camo Pants: Gap
Heels: JCrew
Watch: Michael Kors
Tassel Necklace: Stella and Dot
Handbag: Alexander Wang


Do you D’orsay?

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sshorsesandpearls (4)

sshorsesandpearls (3)

Photos by Ashley Brooks

D’orsay flats have been a trend I’ve been eyeing since the summer but am just now getting around to wearing myself. During a visit to New York back in May, I spotted them on every stylish waitress by day, model/actress by night walking along the streets of the city in her fast-paced, street-chic way. I turned to my bestie….”I’m so loving these flats everyone is wearing.” Her answer in her I-say-I-don’t-know-know-anything-about-fashion-but-I-actually-know-more-than-you way, “They’re called d’orsay.” That is when I knew that I too would d’orsay when the time was right.  I came across this red pair online at Zara a few months later and they just so happened to have my size in-store. Comfortable, stylish, and the color makes a statement…essentially everything you would want a flat to be.

Should I go into my obsession with horses which is what made me grab this sweatshirt like a very aggressive vulture?? How do I say this without sounding like a whack job….I have this insane spiritual connection with equestrian life that I swear by. It started when I was a kid and peaked when I was trail riding through the mountains of Waikiki with the sea crashing beneath me. It was…awesome. It was a type of peace that I’ve never experienced before….the kind that would be the exact opposite of me venturing out on black Friday, which I stayed far, FAR away from. Sales make people mean and crowds/shoving/no parking spots makes me anxious. I’m just going to daydream about riding through meadows on my horsie while wearing pearls instead.

D’orsay Flats: Zara (no longer available, boo) But I love this ($$), this ($$), and this ($$$)
Denim: Level 99 Jeans; similar style here
Sweatshirt: Easy Rider Sweatshirt at Forever 21 (love it!!!)
Rings: Stella & Dot
Watch: Michael Kors
Blazer: Zara (old), Layered pearls: JCrew (old), Handbag: JCrew Jericho Tote


Cozy Up

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Photos by: Ashley Brooks

If you know me at all, I will never say no to a good cup o’ Joe. And Agora is my refuge when it comes to getting my caffeine fix while on my laptop or immersing myself in a good book. A long-standing Houston favorite, Agora is in the heart of Westheimer and Montrose and has that rustic, vintage, old-world feel that every good coffee house should have.

This outfit for my coffee excursion is the most budget-friendly yet on this blog, and also my favorite look to date, as it is the most “every day me.” I’m all about plaid anything these days and this cold front calls for cozy sweaters big enough to lose yourself in. All perfectly fine by me. A little print mixing here, a little ripped jeans there, and a pair of ankle boots are what I call coffee house chic.

Hope everyone is looking forward to spending time with family and friends this Thanksgiving weekend! Let’s get through the next few working days, brave the cold, and sip on a good roast while we’re at it. <3

Sartorially, Sarah

Plaid Shirt: Forever 21; I’m also loving this ($), this ($$), and this ($$$)
Sweater: Forever 21 (Back in stock!); See other winning draped cardigans here and here (If you’re wondering, the quality is great on these knits – I give my stamp of approval!)
Rippppped Boyfriend Jeans: Forever 21 – distressed to the max and I am IN LOVE.
Ankle Boots: Target – Sam & Libby
Handbag: Rebecca Minkoff Matinee (no longer on website) but similar style found here
Necklace: Rebel Pendant by Stella & Dot
Bracelets: Turq Bracelet and Golden Duo Set c/o Purple Paparazzi


Purple Paparazzi Gatsby Necklace 4 Way Style Challenge

PP Blog Post

I was so stoked when Amber, the creative mind behind Purple Paparazzi, asked me to be a part of a Style Challenge where four bloggers style their version of her (Great) Gatsby Necklace. I added in the “Great” because it truly is a statement piece in it’s own right. With a variety of fall and winter-appropriate colors to choose from, each block bead is embellished with gorgeous pave crystals and gold detailing throughout to add just the perfect amount of sparkle to make this piece a certain conversation starter. Please visit Tabitha from The Bobbed Brunette, Shelby from Glitter and Gingham, and Katherine from Minted Glam for their full outfits details and to check out each of these ladies’ eclectic styles and beautiful blogs!

If you are looking to add brilliant colors, a little bling, and unique, not-found-in-every-catalog pieces to your jewelry collection, please visit Purple Paparazzi for gorgeous handmade bracelets and necklaces made with real heart.





Photos by Ashley Brooks

For my personal styling session with the Cobalt Gatsby Necklace, I chose to incorporate different hues of blue to pay homage to my favorite color of the season. I LOVE these Marisa Corduroy Pants from Ann Taylor Loft. (If you haven’t shopped at Loft recently, I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised to find your perfect pant fit there.) I’ve also been looking for the perfect pointy metallic gold heel (very specific, I know)…I finally caved and bought these great pumps from JCrew. Amber’s Golden Duo and Gold Mine bracelets added the extra golden touches I needed to make my look feel pulled together.

Thoughts on how I styled Gatsby? I’d love to know how you would wear this statement piece! Hope everyone is having a great week. ;-)

Sartorially, Sarah

Sweater: JCrew
Wrap Cardigan: Banana Republic (old)
Corduroy Pants: Ann Taylor Loft
Heels: JCrew
Handbag: Urban Outfitters
Necklace and Bracelets c/o Purple Paparazzi


Downtown Chic







In this post I decided to dress like a Christmas tree. I have everything that it takes to prove that I can hang with the best of pine needles. The blue mirrored aviators provide a reflective and distracting effect that is the basis of any good ornament. The silver sequined sweater reminds me of tinsel. The rhinestone statement necklace is just a fancy version of a garland draped around my neck. And the metallic heel is the big silver bow atop a gift you just wrapped to give it the final, finishing touch. And that is my segue into the holiday season!

What do you think of my festive but downtown look? I am personally loving gray scales and muted colors right now. I’d love to know what speaks to your sartorial senses going into these winter months!

Sartorially, Sarah

Photos by: Ashley Brooks

Sunglasses: Ray Ban Aviator Flash Lenses
Jeans: Gray Skinny Jean by Banana Republic
Sweater: Urban Outfitters (old)
Blazer: Zara (old)
Statement Necklace: Banana Republic
Heels: via DSW; also check out JCrew
Rings: Stella & Dot
Watch: Michael Kors
Handbag: Alexander Wang